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Jay Jacobus Consulting
Consult with a certified ISO Lead Auditor.

The benefits of ISO 9001 are new sales and improved management procedures.

New sales comes from corporations that want to do business with organized, well managed companies that have ISO 9001 certificates to prove it.

Improved management comes from well trained managers that know the best management practices.

We bring companies to ISO 9001 certification in a painless, straightforward way.  We do not require extensive meetings and tedious study.  We work with your existing procedures and enhance them.  We don't teach you how to run your company.  We teach you how to manage better using many of your existing procedures and some of ISO's well tested techniques.

In a sense we fill gaps in a manager's knowledge.

If you are trying to do-it-yourself, we can help you get through the process with reasonable phone consultations and on site training.

For information regarding ISO 9000 call me at 973-537-7388. 

I charge $399 for on-site consultations and assessments ($50 for short phone questions). 

I also do consultations for companies that have written their own manuals, are stuck on some procedures or need someone to complete documentation.  Call me for a quote.

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For people, who want to do it themselves, there are excellent products on the website below:
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