We make Continuous Improvement Work.

Continuous improvement comes in two ways:

1.  During the course of running the company or
2.  From Improvement Projects.

During the course of running the company, the management provides for positive changes from Management Reviews, Internal audits, Process Controls and Preventive action.  Here's how:

During management reviews the managers assess the effectiveness of their procedures and assign people to make changes to the procedures that are not giving the proper value to the company.

Internal audits show whether the procedures are being followed and, if they are not, makes changes.

Process Controls monitor the output of the company.  When the output is inconsistent or below goals a manager evaluates the causes and modifies procedures, resources, processes, instructions, tools, etc.

Preventive action is utilized after corrective action fixes a non-conformance.  Preventive action changes something in the system to eliminate or reduce the impact on future non-conformances.

Improvement projects are outside the everyday work of the company.  They require planning and implementation skills of a project oriented manager.
  The improvement project requires strategic planning, project planning and project implementation skills.

If you try to do strategic planning, project planning and implementation without a consultant you may take longer than you should and you may not get the best results.

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